Plant of the month – January 2017

Massonia pseudoechinata

Massonia pseudoechinata

Massonia pseudoechinata

The common name for Massonias is the hedgehog lily and it is not hard to see why. I obtained my plant from the South African Bulb Group. I also have M. pustulata and have found them relatively easy to keep alive! To find out more about the plant I turned to The Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs, which does not list M. pseudoechinata. Next I looked at the web to find an academic paper has been written by Mart.-Azorín, M. Pinter & Wetschnig from Austria, Spain and Australia Universities to clarify Massonia echinata and some other frequently misunderstood Massonia species Asparagaceae, Scilloideae), with the description of M. pseudoechinata and M. roggeveldensis. Unfortunately, only the first page is accessible though so I am none the wiser -
The African Plant Database (version 3.4.0). Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève and South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria, does note that M pseudoechinata is a distinct species and referenced the findings of the above academics.

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One Response to Plant of the month – January 2017

  1. Ben Parmee says:

    Lovely and very different, the South African bulbs are so interesting and varied.

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