Plant of the month – April 2017

This month – there are three ‘plants’ for the month from David Hanslow which are flowering in his garden. I have information on 2 of them, and have now been informed by Caroline, our Dorset member, that the 3rd is most likely Primula ‘Snow Mound’.

Anemone x lipsiensis

Anemone x lipiensis

A.x lipsiensis

The RHS website gives the synonyms as A. nemorosa × ranunculoides and A. seemanii. The AGS encyclopaedia mentions that it is sometimes found in the wild where the parent species grow in close proximity to one another.

Armeria juniperifolia ‘Bevans Variety’
Armeria juniperifolia Bevans Variety

A.juniperifolia Bevans Variety

A. juniperifolia originates from Central Spain in mountain pastures and rock crevices –
the AGS encyclopaedia states that ‘Bevans Variety’ is the choicest species for the rock garden, which has deep rose-pink flowers on 5cm stems.
Primula ‘Snow Mound’
Primula 'Snowmount'

P. ‘Snow Mound’

P. ‘Snow Mound’ – ‘(Schneekissen) a delightful small variety with the purest white flowers and a delicious scent. A delightful little plant and so easy to grow. Starting to flower from mid February, this is one of the gems of the woodland garden. Not weak like some of the

Primulas it is a slow and low growing perennial but very tough and reliable. Large purest white flowers with a distinct yellow eye. Ideal to grow as ground cover under deciduous trees and shrubs in any soil as long as the soil is not too dry.’ (information from – thanks to Caroline, our Dorset member.

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