Plant of the month – June 2017

Dianthus ‘Dainty Dame’

Dianthus Dainty Dame June 2016

Dianthus ‘Dainty Dame’

I have grown this Dianthus for many years and it just does not get quite as straggly as some. I have also found that when it gets larger pieces root easily. It is a very distinctive Dianthus with its maroon eye, laced with white petals and, like many in the pink family, has a clove-like smell. The foliage is grey-green and does well on chalky soils and like most alpines it does prefer well-drained soil conditions.

According to Dobbies website it has been grown in England since the 17th century. It is an AGM plant. Interestingly, it is not mentioned in my 2008 edition of the RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Plants.

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