Late winter-early spring in the garden 2016

Hoping to start the ball rolling with some pictures from my (Lesley’s) garden!!

So the crocus have done well this year – I grew some new ones, and particularly liked C. angustifolius, with its very smart dark outer petals to its glowing yellow flowers. It really does look stunning, whether the petals are open or closed.

Crocus angustifolius

Crocus angustifolius

Crocus biflorus Serevan has been very pleasing, with the attractively striped outer petals.

Crocus biflorus Serevan

Crocus biflorus Serevan

And Crocus sieberi Firefly has made a good display.

Crocus sieberi Firefly

Crocus sieberi Firefly

Primula Tinney’s Moonlight is pleasing, with its lilac-edged petals.

Primula Tinney's Moolight

Primula Tinney’s Moolight

I do hope some of you will share your photos of plants in your garden – especially at this time of year when so many beauties are coming into bloom. Send your pictures to me at

Lesley Baker


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